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Time to Listen to SCD
Advisory Committee

Dr. Brewer headshot.jpg

Dr. Marjorie DeJoie-Brewer

Medical Consultant Sickle Cell
Disease Association of America,

Dr. Z headshot.jpg

Dr. Ahmar Zaidi

Hematologist/Sickle Cell Physician Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Time to Listen to EDS
Advisory Committee

Donna Sullivan.jpg

Donna Sullivan

Patient Advocate; Rare Disease Documentary Producer

Sue Pinkham.jpg

Sue Pinkham

President, The Coalition Against Pediatric Pain

Dr. Judy Washington

Assoc Chief Medical Officer
Atlantic Health

Dr. Karen Macey-Stewart

Jon Rodis.png

Jonathan Rodis

Rare Disease Patient Advocate

Brenda Merriweather.jpg

Brenda Merriweather

Research Nurse Specialist, Sickle Cell Branch at The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

C.Hall photo.jpg

Dr. Cynthia Hall

Sickle Cell Therapeutic Specialist
Global Blood Therapeutics

Mandy David.jpg
Mariah Scott headshot.jpg

Mariah Scott

Epidemiologist and Yale University post-graduate SCD researcher

Mandy David

CEO and Principal Consultant

Sickle Smart Consulting

Julie Gortze .jpeg

Julie Goertz

Rare New England

john ferman.jpg

John Fermin

Founder, Chronic Pain Partners

Lametra Scott.jpg

Lametra Scott

Teonna Woolford.jpg

Teonna Woolford

CEO  Sickle Cell
Reproductive Health Education Directive

CEO Breaking The Sickle Cell Cycle

Foundation, TDOC Director of Pharmacy

Have Questions?

Andre Marcel Harris

​Rare Life Solutions, Community Manger

Special Consultant

Dr. Wanda Witten-Shurney

CEO/Medical Director Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Michigan Chapter

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