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Time to Listen to Sickle Cell Disease for Medical Students

    Dynamic workshop introducing medical students to the clinical aspects of SCD and providing them with a humanistic perspective of its emotional, psychological, professional, financial and social/behavioral impact

Human Resources: Patients as Sources of Disease Information

    Interactive educational activity teaching observational strategies and gentle interaction techniques to help them use these defense mechanisms as the key to successful relationship building, leading to improved health outcomes.




Programs in Development

Time to Listen to Sickle Cell Disease in the Emergency Department     

Interactive workshop to help Emergency Department healthcare providers

  • Identify the impact of racial bias in SCD treatment

  • Correct;y diagnose and appropriately treat complications

  • Recognize the emotional, financial, professional and social/behavioral impact of SCD

Time to Listen to Sickle Cell Disease for School Nurses     

A case study-based course about how to manage SCD medical and social challenges in the school setting

Walk In My SHOES: Sickle cell Health Outcomes Education Skits

      University of Illinois at Chicago

Sickle Cell Disease Consortium Mental Health and Wellness Initiative

     Workshop: Breathing to Better Manage a Crisis

      Workshop: Rewriting the Narrative

      Workshop: Movement to Better Manage a Crisis


​​Time to Listen to Rare Disease: Patient Empowerment Webinar Series
Effectively Communicating with Health Care Providers

Providence, RI              Boston, MA                                     


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