Rare Disease Communication Training Programs


Pathways To Trust™ can deliver customized training programs to help increase effectiveness and compassion in communication between HCPs and rare disease patients. Founders Cheryl and Maybelle have facilitated trainings for thousands of healthcare professionals in the art of compassionate communication and relationship building.


Therapeutic partnerships born from compassionate communication generate trust which leads to improvements in all-around clinical, emotional and quality of life outcomes. When patients believe that their physician cares about what they are feeling, the patients see themselves as a partner in their care. They tolerate pain better, understand their conditions more thoroughly, express their symptoms more clearly and more closely adhere to prescribed treatment at home rather than frequenting the Emergency Department. In addition, their quality of life and daily functioning are better than those who do not believe they have the emotional support of their physicians.

​Rare disease patients especially need a trusting relationship with their healthcare providers. There is often a dearth of knowledge about their conditions, and they may experience very unusual symptoms. Many rare diseases disproportionately affect people of color who already struggle with significant disparities in access to healthcare. These patients are most effectively treated when their clinicians communicate compassionately with them and work together to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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