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Pathways To Trust evolved from a decade of experience in healthcare professional communication training. Our founders realized that traditional provider trainings focused on the needs and points of view of HCPs with less emphasis on the patient’s perspective.


What outcomes does the patient consider successful?
How does an HCP’s manner of communication impact the patient’s health and quality of life?
What can payors do to improve clinical outcomes and patient experience?
What does the pharma industry have on the horizon to transform disease management?


By incorporating the contributions of multiple stakeholders as we develop communication training programs, Pathways To Trust helps deliver truly patient-centered care.

Our IDEAL Method

  • IDENTIFY clinical and emotional needs of rare disease patients facing high hurdles to care

  • DEVELOP healthcare provider and patient communication trainings focusing on tools to empower patients to manage their treatment

  • EXPAND our impact by connecting stakeholders with complementary expertise to create programs that promote positive clinical and quality of life outcomes

  • APPLY for funding to support educational programs that address eliminating disparities in healthcare through communication

  • LOCATE professionals, advocates, and organizations that can help meet the needs of rare disease patients commonly overlooked by the healthcare system


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